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2002 Domestic Schedule
2002 Domestic Schedule
2002 International Schedule
2002 Registered Athletes
Meet Our Executive Council (2000 - 2004)
Past Results
2002 Junior Qualifying Standards
2002 Senior Qualifying Standards
2002 Results
2002 Rankings

Date                               Name of Competition                  Venues
Mar. 10th                 National Junior Championships    Uitvlugt, WCB
Mar. 12 - 15th          National Schools Championships   GCC, Bourda
April 7th                   Go Guyana Run Marathon            Mahaica, ECB
April 28th                 National Senior Championships     Uitvlugt, WCB
May 1st                   J.H. Pollydore 5km Run                  Georgetown
May 12th                 World Athletics Day                    Police Sports Club
May 11th           Mark Williams Memorial 5km Run Stanleytown,WBD
May 24th           Independence Schools' Road Relay    National Park
May 26th           Independence Half Marathon             Georgetown
June 23th           Olympic Day 10km Fun Run & Walk   Georgetown
July 1 - Sept. 22   Clubs' Competitions                     To Be Decided
Sept. 29th                 Inter Club Championships           MSC, Linden
Oct. 13th                Women on the Move 3km Run      Hopetown, WCB
Oct. 27th              United Nations 10km Run                 Georgetown
Nov. 10th              Golden Mile                                      Georgetown
Nov. 30th                 National & Country Championships    TBD