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Friends of Guyana Athletics


"One Nation, One People, One Destiny."

Welcome to the Home of Friends of Guyana Athletics.

This site will present our organization's cause or ideas to the world. As communicating isn't always easy, we'll try to include photos and images that convey our message (remember, a well-chosen picture is a great way to get a point across). We'll also include specific information about our organization and its members, so no one forgets the people behind the pictures.

On this home page, we'll introduce our cause or message. We'll also try to include a picture or two that represents the kind of work we do.

Friends of Guyana Athletics is trying to put together a Men's team to compete in Penn Relays in the US vs the World in the 4x100m.
The meet is schedule for April 28th and 29th, 2006 in Philadelphia, PA.
We could use your assistance in purchasing uniforms and paying for hotel rooms.
If, you would like to assist with the team in our preparation to qualifying for the World Championship.
Please contact me, Chairman/Coach Clifford C. Wong @ 301-793-2900 or email @